What is ‘Mobile Security Patrolling’?


Mobile Security Patrolling or commonly known as a Visiting Security Officer is a service supplied by CRS Facility Management throughout the county of Cumbria. It is a cost effective security service in Cumbria that mitigates potential risk of theft, damage and unlawful activity on commercial premises. 


What is a Visiting Security Officer?

A Visiting Security Officer / Mobile Patrolling Officer is commonly a mobile role carried out by a Security Officer licensed in accordance with the Security Industry Authority for Front-Line security activities. Their main objective is to carry out irregular or planned patrols of commercial premises while maintaining a high visual presence. In addition a reactive element is also incorporated into the role in order to respond to various on-site incidents.

A Mobile Patrol is most suited to those businesses seeking a visual deterrence in order to deter theft, loss, damage and unlawful activity within their premises. A patrol conducted by a correctly trained Security Officer should take a minimum of one hour depending on site location, size, special tasks and data logging. This should always include inspection of all access points, perimeter provisions, internal and external building patrols and if required plant inventory checks.

It is important that the service provided maintains a highly visual presence and irregular timings. This offers two main mitigating factors; The element of surprise by not setting patrol patterns and also being seen as a protected location. Of course, risks increase when the patrol has been completed and the Security Officer has left site however, a reliable monitored security system will trigger a re-active patrol where required.


What is a Reactive Patrol?

Commonly known as an Alarm Response and mostly carried out by the Mobile Patrolling Officer; it is a patrol carried out as a priority task due to information received from a monitored security or fire system. This information falls under four main categories and is usually confirmed by a good monitoring company; Active Intruder, Active Fire, System Fault or False Alarm caused by varying factors. Any information received should always warrant a Re-Active Patrol / Alarm Response.

The response time to arrival on-site should always be 20 minutes or under however, this is rarely guaranteed by a security company so it is important to research your service providers geographical response capabilities prior to tasking them. For tips on this visit our blog on ‘The CRS Guide to Buying Security Services in Cumbria’. 

CRS implement various Response Directives and Response Protocols that are always tailored to each location and client. This ensures all incidents are dealt with swiftly, safely and professionally.


Additional Tasks.

Many businesses in Cumbria require a Visiting / Mobile Patrolling Officer to carry out tasks in addition to the main objectives highlighted above or simply as a standalone service such as: –

  • Opening & closing premises.
  • Opening & closing unmanned car parks.
  • Instrument monitoring.
  • Site & equipment inspections.
  • Void property inspections.
  • Deployment of Flood Barrier equipment.


Should You Purchase a Security Service Like This?

There’s always various considerations to that question; Your insurance company may stipulate a requirement for such a service, you may have suffered recent break-ins or damage to property. Whatever your reason CRS Facility Management will always offer clarity.

CRS offer a free site visit and one to one consultation followed by a respectable quote. It would then by your choice to implement the service or simply just take advise from our friendly team who are always happy to steer you in the correct direction.


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