Project Renovo

CRS Facility Management are proud to announce Project Renovo which provides a structured training program for individuals wishing to join the industry and for those who are looking to get back into full time employment.

Being the first of its kind within the Facility Management sector in Cumbria, the incentive for creating the work experience training program is to provide a work scheme to help people back to work and gain experience in the Facility Management industry with General Maintenance, System Installs, Grounds Maintenance and Industrial and Commercial Cleaning.


How does the project work?

Initially, CRS FM will be working along side a local back to work charity who will be providing four candidates to take part in the project. The candidates are with CRS for four weeks taking part in all aspects of our business. In addition they will form part of a five strong Facilities Team with one integrated CRS Supervisor. This team will be deployed to various local clients to complete tasks at an extremely reduced cost. The project will continue to run throughout the year with new candidates joining every four weeks.

Our aim is to create an increased flow of new business for the team, create sustained employment and provide a skilled work force to local businesses at a fraction of the standard cost.


What will program attendees gain from the project?

You’ll gain valuable experience by working on real projects across the business.  Upon completion of the program you have the potential to leave with;

  • Certificate of completion.
  • Training record certificate.
  • Reference of recommendation.
  • Updated CV.
  • Experience of working within the industry.
  • Helping you get back to work.
  • Adding and developing skills.
  • Exposes you to different working environments, providing an opportunity to learn and develop your experience.
  • An opportunity to try different roles and tasks within a working environment for example, maintenance tasks, industrial cleaning, groundwork and system installation.
  • Provides insight to working within a multi-service/skilled business.
  • Working as part of a team.
  • Opportunity to learn about your own abilities.
  • Identify your strengths and weaknesses and gaps within your skills.
  • Possibility of sustained employment.


What will local business gain from the project?

  • Opportunity for projects to go ahead and be completed with limited funding.
  • Facilitates completing small tasks to large projects within a variety of areas of your business.
  • Makes improvements within the work environment.
  • Encourages collaboration.
  • Enhances employment opportunity.
  • Facilitates change.
  • Creates motivation and productivity within the team.
  • Supports the local community.
  • Promotes workplace diversity.
  • Provides a variety of work experience.
  • Supports the local economy.
  • Helps gain work experience for people, discovering strengths and weakness.
  • Opportunity for individuals to explore opportunities and discover what they enjoy.
  • Generates a resource pool of experience for local jobs.
  • Provides revenue for CRS and the opportunity to recruit and expand the business.
  • Creates value for money.
  • Reduces costs.
  • Identifies hidden talent bringing a fresh enthusiastic approach to the business.
  • Allows us to bring enthusiastic people into the business with their fresh ideas before they get onto the job ladder.
  • Allows us to shape the skills and experience of our local community.
  • Enables the training program to be kept as simple as possible, to suit the individual needs of the business.


“We are all extremely pleased to have finalized this project, it has been in the pipe-line for some time now. The idea begin early in 2018 when we noticed three separate issues within our industry in Cumbria. These included staffing, affordability for local business and the amount of unemployed people within the area most of which were skilled individuals operating on seasonal work. We began to think how we could run a project to address these issues and be beneficial to those wishing to gain work, local business wishing to complete FM tasks affordably and our own company with staffing. Project Renovo was born…”

Gavin Henry – Managing Director, CRS FM.


To be involved with Project Renovo Contact Philippa Hick, CRS Facility Management, Business Development Manager

Tel: 01946 813270

Email: [email protected]

Mobile: 07545210003