CCTV Systems in Cumbria

Are you worried that your premises isn’t as secure as it could be? If so, CRS can provide you with monitored, wireless or remote CCTV Systems in Cumbria to, not only give you peace of mind, but also the edge in commercial and residential security.

As one of Cumbria’s leading CCTV installation specialists, our full HD CCTV cameras can capture focused images which can be stored for up to four weeks. There’s also the option of managing your CCTV system from virtually anywhere in the world due to our remote access programmes.

So, whether you’d like to install anything from 1-100 CCTV cameras for your home or business, the CRS team is on hand to ensure all your video surveillance needs are met and your premises secured.

Residential CCTV Systems in Cumbria

Designed to give you enhanced peace of mind, comfort and convenience, our home CCTV and intercom systems are tailored around the residential price range.

Ideal for a average sized properties or large estates, they can monitor the front and back of your home and overlook areas such as the driveway, front door and back garden. The fully weatherproof residential CCTV cameras can provide a well-focused, image during the day and by night, built in infrared LED’s can see up to 40 meters in darkness.

Commercial CCTV Installation in Cumbria

The responsibility of storing valuable equipment comes with the responsibility of securing it. That’s why CRS fully understands the importance of using the absolute best commercial grade CCTV systems to secure your business or premises.

Our team of security engineers can not only install your commercial CCTV cameras, they can also provide honest advice on which system would suit your property best. On top of that, we work with industry leading suppliers such as Concept Pro, Videcon, Webeye CMS – guaranteeing quality, reliability and functionality from every system we install.