Pressure Washing

Is your driveway looking a little tired? Do you feel that the forecourt has seen better days? Harsh weather and pollution can leave outdoor surfaces looking worse for wear – causing moss growth, oil stains and general dullness. But CRS’s commercial and residential pressure washing service will leave your buildings, driveways, decking, fences, roofs and walls looking as good as new and free of all unwanted dirt and grime.

As a professional pressure washing service in Cumbria, CRS can deep clean and restore a wide variety of hard surfaces, while causing minimum disruption to your business or home. Our staff members are fully trained in how to avoid surface damage, giving you added peace of mind whenever you take out our pressure washing services in Cumbria and the north west.

CRS also provides a range of grounds maintenance services and high level cleaning. So, not only will your pressure washing requirements be taken care of – your grounds could be immaculate as well. 

A little more about our pressure washing service

When a member of the CRS pressure washing team visits your home or workplace, they will need access to running water. An external tap would be perfect, but in case there isn’t one available, we can use one from inside the building.

Once the pressure washing machine is ready to go, our team member will begin cleaning your outdoor surfaces. The machine produces a powerful stream of water that can easily dislodge accumulated grime and dirt even without the use of detergents, so there will be no harsh chemicals used.

For more information on our pressure wash service, or any other maintenance service, please get in touch today.